Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #5 Unit Transfer Method, Identifying the Before & After Scenarios
THE FOUR TECHNIQUES EVERY P4 TO P6 CHILD "MUST KNOW" BEFORE UPCOMING CA1!!   Before & After is one of the most often tested concept in P4-6, across the topics of whole number, decimal, ratio, percentage and fraction.   The key to solving these problems is not by doing endless "drill and practice" but to classify them into 4 basic scenarios and apply a systematic, “universal” strategy to solve these problems effectively [...]
Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #4 – Unit Transfer Method, All Changing Quantities
Good day to everyone! Parents, when you encounter a challenging primary Maths problem, what immediately comes to mind? You start to form x-y equations, don’t you? Then you apply the substitution method to solve x and y, right? If any component of the above actions is missed out, you may end up confusing your child. Scenario 1: parents often unwittingly teach their children how to solve equations, but forget to [...]
Facebook Live Coaching 2018#3 – Unit Transfer Method, Difference Unchanged Quantities
Thank you for the active participation in my first two lesson on Facebook Live - "5 mini-lessons on Before & After scenarios". By now, most participants will know that there are 4 basic scenarios in the Before & After problem sums: Single Unchanged | Difference Unchanged | Total Unchanged | All Changing. In this coming third lesson, I will be covering the "Total Unchanged" concept -commonly also known as Internal transfer concept. This refers to [...]
Facebook Live Coaching 2018#2 – Unit Transfer Method, Difference Unchanged Quantities
Thank You for joining my Facebook live (on single unchanged) last Wednesday. Happy by the overwhelming response with comments that the teaching is beneficial to your child. There are four basic "Before & After" scenario type problem sums, and the key to solving the problem is to determine which scenario type is being used in the question. The typical way to solve such problem sums is to draw models. However, [...]
Facebook Live Coaching 2018#1 – Unit Transfer Method, Single Unchanged Quantities
In a span of 3 weeks since school reopen, I have already gotten numerous text//PM/email/fb post as well as from our students and parents asking me relating to "Before & After" scenarios type of Maths problems.   The "Before & After' concept is one of the 11 heuristics advocated by MOE for primary maths. This concept is commonly tested in Primary 4-6 Maths exam, spanning across the topics of whole [...]