Our vision is for our tested-and-proven solutions to nurture a generation of students confident in tackling mathematical problems as well as real-world challenges. Hence, we offer in-licensing opportunities so that other learning centres and educators can access our curriculum. More students and parents can then be introduced to mathematical heuristics. Together, we can help more students develop a passion for mathematics.

Franchising Opportunities

7 benefits our franchisees will enjoy!

1. Branding

Leverage on Maths Heuristics’s brand name, teaching pedagogy and proven curriculum.

2. Training

Comprehensive training in all essential aspects of business operations and training of teachers in delivery of heuristics content will be provided.

3. Start-up Support

We will offer expert advice and training from site selection, outlet design to enrolment of students.

4. On-going Support

Our team will assist and review your franchise business, assist in problem-solving, render advice on operations and teaching content delivery plus provide on-going teaching staff training.

5. Operations Manuals/ Curriculum Content

Comprehensive manuals incorporating proven operating systems and teaching curriculum content will be provided.

6. Research & Development

Assess to our Total Integrated Learning platform (mobile apps + web videos + Virtual classroom) for latest curriculum and teaching pedagogy. Our curriculum specialist will continuously update our content in accordance to changes in the syllabus.

7. Marketing Communications

Benefit from our extensive experience covering brand strategy, advertising, promotions and public relations. In addition, we will provide various advertising & promotions materials to support your enrolment  campaigns.

In-licensing / Franchise Opportunity

We welcome all enquiries. Should you be interested to find out more about our In-licensing / Franchise Opportunity, please fill in the form.