Driving Breakthroughs

mathsHeuristics™ teaching methodology was designed, and continues to be polished, based on real-environment observations, quantifiable impact research and learning psychology. It caters to the specific learning needs of Primary 3, 4, 5 and 6 students.

Our Curriculum

Our structured curriculum distils the 11 heuristics advocated by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for primary school mathematics syllabus into four core modules.

Unit Transfer Method(UTM)

This technique is our brainchild. Students will use this systematic technique to solve scenarios such as Before & After, Difference Unchanged Quantities, etc. Collectively, questions in this module will cover PSLE topics such as Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, Percentages, Ratios, Speed (P6 students only) and Rate.

Model Approach to Problem-solving (MAPS)

It is possible to see mathematics. Through the drawing of models, students will learn to visualise, perceive and analyse. They can even develop the ability to think in mental pictures. Techniques taught include Conventional Models, Stack & Split Models as well as Branching, an alternative for non-visual kids.

Heuristics Approach to Problem-solving (HAPS)

Students who have undergone the HAPS module will be able to apply heuristics with ease. Methods such as Guess & Check, Listing, Pattern and Working Backwards will be second nature to them. Spatial Visualisation will also be taught. This module will help students ace PSLE mathematical topics such as Area & Perimeter, Volume, Net Shape and Geometry.

Higher-order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

This advanced module hones students’ conceptual skills. Students will acquire high-level analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills. The module also boosts students’ aptitudes in applying heuristics across various mathematics topics such as Whole Numbers, Decimal, Ratio, Percentage, Fraction, Area & Perimeter, Volume, Geometry, Speed & Rate and even Algebra.

Modes of Delivery

Our curriculum is available through five integrated platforms, giving learners – students, parents and educators alike – a total learning experience


The 4-module mathsHeuristics™ curriculum was first delivered through classes and workshops for students (weekly modular classes, holiday intensive revision workshops, and year-end bridging workshops), workshops and seminars for parents and training sessions for educators


The “Mastering Heuristics Series” guidebooks were then developed to cater to discerning, hands-on parents who want to play a greater role in their children’s learning journeys. Since their launch in 2009, the guidebooks have become best-selling titles.

Mobile Apps & Web Videos

Our guidebooks have been transformed into mobile app and web video formats for convenient 24/7 anywhere access by students, parents and educators. Fun and engaging, these alternative resources will collectively pique the interest of visual, auditory and tactile learners.

Virtual Classrooms

With our virtual classrooms, we have truly taken learning beyond the confines of the physical classroom. Those who keep a busy schedule or live far away from our campuses can still learn with our trainers and other students.