mathsHeuristicsTM takes a 3-prong approach to the teaching of heuristics. Our primary focus is to mould students into quick-thinking problem-solvers. Second, we coach parents to become educators as they are stakeholders in their children’s learning journeys. Third, we equip educators and learning centres so that more students can access effectively teaching of mathematical heuristics.

This approach is supported by physical classroom, print and technology-enabled facilities, all of which are run and continually upgraded by our four divisions.

Learning Centres

We have three campuses at Goldhill, Balmoral and Bukit Timah. These hold modular classes which arm students with effective heuristics techniques, and develop their confidence in taking on non-routine mathematical examination questions.

Workshop & Seminar Division

This division takes charge of our school holiday programmes for students as well as programmes for parents, educators and learning centres.

Intensive revision workshops help students who feel they are falling behind in mathematics. Bridging workshops prepare students for when they move up to the next level when school begins.

Workshops and seminars for parents introduce them to heuristics, show them the problem-solving efficacy, and give them a preview of our curriculum and programmes.

Training sessions for educators let them understand how heuristics can help students excel in mathematics. In-licensing to learning centres are available for those interested in our course content.

Publishing Division

All our print materials are developed by this division. The “Mastering Heuristics Series” guidebooks come under its purview. These best-sellers organise various heuristics techniques by application scenarios, and complement illustrations of heuristics in action with easy-to-follow steps that break down the train of thought. In turn, parents will know how to explain the solutions to their children.

IT Division

This fast-paced division developed our mobile app and web videos.  Students, parents and educators can now enjoy access to our online resources – anywhere, anytime. To keep the learning evergreen, users can also subscribe to receive new resources weekly.

The division will soon launch our virtual classrooms to provide greater convenience. Students, parents and educators can pose questions to the trainer via web conferencing, and even interact with other learners in-session. One-to-one sessions with the trainer will also be an option.