Visionary • Pioneer • Trendsetter

mathsHeuristics™ was founded by Sunny Tan in 2008. An ex-teacher with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), Sunny has been teaching mathematics since 1997. Early in his career, he observed how the mathematics syllabus left many students stumped.

Demystifying Heuristics

Students were inundated with mathematical heuristics, a fact they were oblivious to. This was because the techniques were embedded in different topics and not taught as self-contained chapters. What ensued was a generation of students who were required to apply heuristics but only had a smattering of it. To bridge the gap, Sunny designed and ran classes that delivered the mathsHeuristics™ programme.

Holistic Learning Ecosystem

mathsHeuristics™ was set up to help students achieve breakthroughs in their study of mathematics. For that to happen, students need all-round support. Today, mathsHeuristics™ offers a total learning experience with its suite of learning tools – classes, guidebooks, mobile app, soon-to-be-launched web videos and upcoming virtual classrooms. By embracing technology, we give students, parents and educators 24/7 access to our expertise.