Facebook Live Coaching #16 – Unit Transfer Method Lesson #5 – Identifying BCA Scenarios

The final Facebook Live lesson for UTM mini-course (For P4&5) will be on Fri, 13 Oct@8:00PM.

In the first 4 lessons, I have covered the 4 four basic “Before & After scenarios: #1 Single Unchanged | #2 Difference Unchanged | #3 Total Unchanged | #4 All Changing

The lesson #5 will be the most important and consolidation : Differentiating The Before & After Scenarios.

At the end of this lesson, your child will be able to
a) Identify the problem as “Before & After” questions
b) Differentiate and identify the various scenarios
c) Apply the appropriate units method to solve these question within 5 minutes each!

Do not miss this crucial Facebook live lesson as the before & after questions typically carries high weighage in the exam and involve major topics of whole number, decimal, ratio, percentage and fraction.

[Presentation notes]¬†–¬†Uploaded

[Solutions to additional questions] -Uploaded. Done by one of our students, Dylan Lim YC (P5 2017), after the main lesson booklet has been completed.