Facebook Live Coaching 2020#10 – Is Guess and Check a waste of time?

[GUESS & CHECK” strategy for P4 to P6…]

“Guess & Check is simply a waste of time!” Sound familiar?

Are you one of the many parents telling your child to avoid this method at all means unless there is no other alternatives?

Do you know that all guess and check question can be solved with 3 attempts… with the RIGHT technique instead of randomly pulling out answers out of your head

Join me In this coming Facebook LIVE on Wed (15 Apr)@8PM for in-depth discussion of this strategy and learn …

✅ Identify the type of questions that can be solved by guess & check
✅ Advanced technique for solving Guess & Check within 3 attempts
✅ Guess & Check as a safety net in worst case scenario when no immediate strategy is obvious.
✅ Why many students may not want to use any other strategy after mastering this technique!

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