Facebook Live Coaching #10 – Unit Transfer Method Lesson #2- Difference Unchanged
Join our curriculum specialist, Kevin in this 5-session "Unit Transfer Method Mini Course" in Facebook live, to prepare your P4 & 5 child for the coming SA2. In this evening Lesson #2, kevin will be sharing the application of "Unit Transfer Method" to challenging [Before-After] problems involving "Difference Unchanged Scenarios" The below question is typical "difference unchanged" scenaros that can be solved effortlessly is less than 5 minutes with such technique! -------------- Question: [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #9 | Spatial Visualisation – Difference in Area
The key to solving Area & Perimeter problems is NOT endless practice that your child is most likely used to. Instead, it’s the ability to manipulate the given shapes to solve the problems that is essential. Spatial Visualisation Technique equips your child with this very ability to tackle challenging Area & Perimeter questions with full confidence and full marks. Join our curriculum specialist Kevin, on 21 Sept (Thurs) @ 8:00PM for [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #8 – Unit Transfer Method – Single Unchanged
With just 1.5 months to SA2, receive many queries from worried P5 parents they are extremely concerned to see their Pri 5 child grade drop drastically despite doing well in their P4. Here's the reasons... 1) The Primary 5 Maths syllabus is aimed at giving your child a sneak peek into what he or she can expect in PSLE. This means that your child will not only be faced with entirely new topics and [...]
Guess & Check within 3 attempts!!
"Guess and Check" is one of the heuristics that students can use to solve maths problems by guessing the answer and then checking that the guess fits the conditions of the problem.   Do you know that all guess and check question can be solved with 3 attempts... with the RIGHT technique  instead of randomly pulling out answers out of your head!   For example, here is a problem:   There [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #7 | Heuristics Approach – Guess & Check
Our curriculum specialist, Mr Kevin will be conducting “Facebook Live Coaching” every Thursday 8:00pm-8:30pm to help as many children and parents to master the right problem-solving techniques to tackle challenging non-routine problem in Paper 2 of typical Maths exam paper. For this session, the heuristic, Guess & Check, will be discussed in great detail. Thank You for the overwhelming response from the groups! Additional questions with solutions are given in [...]