Facebook Live Coaching #32 – Age Difference
[MUST KNOW "AGE" PROBLEMS FOR P4&5] Age problems have often been the "killer" question for students across the level, even among those who are considered above-average in school math. And often instilled anxiety among many parents, who find themselves helpless or clueless in guiding their students and children to solve these non-routine questions. Traditionally, these age problems used to be set in secondary level and started to appear in [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #31 – Heuristics for P4 and P5
[Discover the common heuristics every P4&5 Must Know to Solve Challenging problems] Is your child having problems understanding the way you teach? It is likely your child was taught the different approaches from what parents had learnt in schools. Heuristics are problem-solving techniques for solving challenging Maths problems. And most children struggle with challenging word problem is because they are not familiar with the use of heuristics. Join us [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #30 – Tricky Math Questions
Primary School Math is moving towards real life situations and application based questions. Our children needs to think critically before attempting questions. There has been increasing trend that in question that wasn't difficult — but not easy to solve either. Remember the 2017 PSLE Ribbon Question? It caused quite a controversy among parents, hitting the media headlines and triggered much discussion across forums. These questions aims to assess candidates' ability to show  [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #29 – Volume (Solids)
Is your P5&6 child struggling with question finding the volume or surface area of a 3-dimensional solid (build with unit cube)? .... confuse with question i.e finding the maximum number of small cuboid that can fit into a big cuboid? (Unsure whether his or her answer is maximum) The key to solving these 3-dimensional problems is not the endless drill and practice which your child is likely to have [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #28 – Geometry
[Is your child having trouble solving non-routine "Angles" questions?] Geometry is also very important in the primary Maths syllabus... with the marks allocation increased from 15% (old format) to 20% in coming 2018 PSLE! These questions does not required the child to know advance polygon formulas or use of algebra (not taught in primary). Thus teaching such formulae may end up confusing your child! Instead what is needed is the knowledge of basic [...]