Facebook Live Coaching #1 | Unit Transfer Method @ Rate
With PSLE and prelim around the corner, our curriculum specialist, Mr Kevin will be conducting "Facebook Live Coaching" every Thursday 8:00pm-8:30pm to help as many children and parents to master the right problem-solving techniques to tackle challenging non-routine problem in the Section C of typical Maths exam paper. The first facebook live coaching session was conducted on 3 August on the application of Unit Transfer Method to the topic “Rate”. [...]
Demystifying the topic on Rate for Pri 5 & Pri 6!!
Since PSLE & Prelim is just around the corner, recently many questions have been asked related to the PSLE past papers. This week, the topic we will be focusing on will be Rate. These questions can be easily solved if the child is equipped with the right problem solving tool. Here are 3 types of rate questions that have been common tested in the maths exams and can be solved easily [...]
Look Out For Changes In Primary 6 Syllabus
Here are some changes in the Primary 6 Maths syllabus with effect from 2018. The knowledge of these changes in the examination requirements would guide parents in helping their child to prepare effectively for his examination. In addition, the child could take note of the way he or she present the workings so as not to lose any marks unnecessarily. 1. CHANGES IN PRESENTATION i. Arrows – Percentages and Rate The examination board has [...]
3 Reasons Why Parents Should Invest In Additional Learning Resources To Help Your Child Excel In Maths…Even If He Or She Is Already Attending Tuition Classes!
Dear Parent, First of all, I’d like to applaud you for taking such an active role in your child’s education! I know it’s not a walk in the park to source for a tuition centre. Especially one that you reckon would best suit your child’s learning needs! However, if your child’s Maths results in recent SA1 result is still a B (or below) despite attending [...]
The “WRONG” Help Will Confuse Your Child Even More… Know What Is Wrong And Make It Right!
Parents, when you encounter a Maths Paper 2 problem, what immediately comes to mind? You start to form x-y equations, don’t you? This is the algebraic thinking framework. Then you apply the substitution or quadratic method to solve x and y, right? These are thinking tools. Essentially, you are doing this: Thinking Framework + Thinking Tool = Solve an unfamiliar problem Wrong help #1: Incomplete teaching If any component of the above actions [...]