Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #18 – Spatial Visualisation
Dear members, The SA1 is finally over.... we had received SOS from many P6 parents seeking help on Area & Perimeter problems(especially those involving complex composite shapes with CIRCLE!) We probably already know by now that brute force drilling does not work at all for this topic, especially all the shapes given in the questions are different and specifically tests the child’s ability to “manipulate” the given shapes [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #17 – Patterns
[Cracking the Code to Pattern questions for P5&6] "Looking for Pattern" is an important problem-solving skill & one of the 11 heuristics advocated by MOE for primary maths problem-solving. As you probably know, such pattern questions is the No.1 killer topic that has claimed many victims over the years, maybe even your child…if he or she does not develop the pattern recognisation skill to ace this critical part of [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #16 – Stack Models
[Solve "more/less than" Challenging Problems Fast With Highly-Efficient Techniques Like Stack Model...... for P4 to 6] The ability to visualise a problem is the first step to solving it. The Model drawing was borne out of this fact. It can be argued that once you are able to draw a model, you have already understood the problem. Model drawing equips pupils without formal assess to algebra to solve mathematics problems [...]
Facebook Live #15 – SA1 Revision (II) – Models
[Quick and Effective Revision On The Essential MODEL DRAWING Techniques for SA1..... Suitable for P4-6] The ability to visualise a problem goes a long way to solving it. The Model Approach to Problem-solving was borne out of this fact - Use drawings (models) in visualising a problem. It is not uncommon - when we hear of parents (some even mathematics majors) complaining their children simply cannot use the Model [...]
Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #14 – SA1 Revision
[Prepare Your Child For The Upcoming SA1 Math Paper...] The Primary School Maths syllabus has evolved over the years. One particular change that stands out is this – the increasing emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving ability to deal with Maths problems in unfamiliar contexts (i.e. problems they may not have seen before). This is a far cry from our generation, when students could easily ace their exams just by rote [...]