Facebook Live Coaching #25 – Rate (II)
The topic of "Rate" is taught in primary 5. It is common to see challenging questions involving water flowing (in and out) of tank appearing in the exam and stumped many students as well as parents! Join me on Facebook live this coming Wed, 18 July@8PM! to learn the essential techniques to solve water transfer "Rate" problems! Notes - Uploaded
Facebook Live Coaching #24 – Speed, Objects moving in Circles
Recently, I conducted our Facebook Live sharing on the topic of speed and introduced three simple techniques to solve any speed questions regardless of the scenarios posed. The common questions appeared in the exam include one object or two objects (moving either toward or away from each other). However, objects moving in circular motion are recently appearing in the exam. Many students are stumped by such questions as these questions [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #23 – Higher Order Thinking Skills
The Maths syllabus today is geared towards students solving challenging unfamiliar Maths problems. Which means that your child would have to tackle problem sums he or she has never seen before! The key to breakthrough your child's Maths grade is not only on the mastery of the essential technique but also develop the child's ability to "tweak" these techniques to tackle unfamiliar question (involves the same concept). Take for an [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #22 – Rate
Thank you for your overwhelming response to my last Facebook live last week on the topic of Speed. Similar to speed, "Rate" is another topic that stump many children & parents alike! The concepts on Rate and Speed are similar ... Speed refer to how fast an object moves. Rate refer to fast an object changes. The three common "rate" questions that appear in the exam: (i) Working rate [how fast [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #21 – Speed
[Is Your P6 Child STRUGGLING With The TOPIC of SPEED?] As you probably know, Speed is the No.1 killer topic in PSLE…causing many children to lose out on their A or even A* grade! But it’s not their fault. That’s because the key to solving Speed problems is NOT the endless practice or memorizing all the different speed questions that your child is most likely used to. [...]