Facebook Live Coaching #18 – Spatial Visualisation – Overlapping Areas
Thank you for your active participation in my previous facebook live lesson on Model. The next upcoming Facebook live will be on 20 Oct (Fri) @8:00PM.   There have been numerous questions in various forum involving "Overlaping" figures, From simple 2 figures overlapping to more complex multiple figures... See question below.   Do you know there is a "universal" strategy - Spatial Visualisation technique - to "see" and solve such these questions effectively, with [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #17 – Model Drawing #3 – Stack Models
Thank you for the active participation for first two facebook live lesson on Model Drawing for P3 & P4. These two lessons focuses on the use of conventional model to solve "Before & After' problems. Do you know there are three major techniques in drawing Model: #1 Conventional Bar Model | #2 Stack Model | #3 Split Model Stack model are more powerful and efficient techniques to help the children to better "see" numerical relationships [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #16 – Unit Transfer Method Lesson #5 – Identifying BCA Scenarios
The final Facebook Live lesson for UTM mini-course (For P4&5) will be on Fri, 13 Oct@8:00PM. In the first 4 lessons, I have covered the 4 four basic "Before & After scenarios: #1 Single Unchanged | #2 Difference Unchanged | #3 Total Unchanged | #4 All Changing The lesson #5 will be the most important and consolidation : Differentiating The Before & After Scenarios. At the end of this lesson, your child will be able to a) Identify the problem [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #15 – Model Drawing Lesson #2
One of the most challenging questions in the P3&4 is the Before & After questions involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Most children find these questions challenging because they are unable to "see" and organised so much information in the before and after situation. The ability to visualise such problem goes a long way to solving it. Model drawing help your child to to visualise and then proceed to [...]
Facebook Live Coaching #14 – Unit Transfer Method Lesson #4- All Changing
Join our curriculum specialist, Kevin in this 5-session "Unit Transfer Method Mini Course" in Facebook live, to prepare your P4 & 5 child for the coming SA2. In tomorrow’s Lesson #4, Kevin will be sharing the application of "Unit Transfer Method" to challenging [Before-After] problems involving "All Changing Scenarios" The below question is typical "All Changing" scenaros that can be solved effortlessly is less than 5 minutes with such technique! -------------- Question: [...]