Maths Heuristics App

The tested-and-proven curriculum of mathsHeuristics™ has gone mobile!
Boasting interactive features, the mathsHeuristics™ app will engage all students whatever their different learning styles. Step-by-step explanations let them learn systematically and at their own pace. This app also allows students to do the workings and share the steps with their friends via emails or on social media platforms. They can also check their answers immediately. Learning is now more effective — and more fun!

The mathsHeuristics™ app is also a nifty learning resource for educators and parents. They can have easy access to the curriculum even while on the go. Explanation videos will be added in the future, engendering better retention of knowledge. The virtual classroom also brings a dedicated tutor right to the home or office via web conferencing.

The intricate world of problem-solving mathematics is now just a click away — in the palm of your hands, wherever you are!


Enter the Immersive World of Mathematical Heuristics!