Facebook Live Coaching #3 | Unit Transfer Method @ P4

Our curriculum specialist, Mr Kevin will be conducting “Facebook Live Coaching” every Thursday 8:00pm-8:30pm to help as many children and parents to master the right problem-solving techniques to tackle challenging non-routine problem in the Section C of typical Maths exam paper.

The third facebook live coaching session will be conducted on 17 August on the application of Unit Transfer Method, focusing on the scenario, “Single Unchanged Quantities” . Thank You for the overwhelming response from the groups!

Examples covered in the coaching session include:

Example 1:

Heather had 4 times as many fishes as Ingrid.

After Ingrid bought 8 more fishes from the pet shop,

Ian had 1/2 as many fishes as Heather.

How many fishes did both girls have in the end?

Example 2:

7/13 of Grace’s beads are red and the rest are purple.

If she gives 15 red beads away,

she will have the same number of purple beads and red beads.

How many purple beads does she have?

Example 3:

There were twice as many girls as boys in the school library.

After 10 boys left the school library,

there were 3 times as many girls as boys who remained behind.

How many girls were there in the school library?

(SCGS P4 SA1 2014)

Additional questions with solutions are given in the end of the session for the child to practice and to reinforce the concepts taught.

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