Facebook Live Coaching #17 – Model Drawing #3 – Stack Models

Thank you for the active participation for first two facebook live lesson on Model Drawing for P3 & P4. These two lessons focuses on the use of conventional model to solve “Before & After’ problems.

Do you know there are three major techniques in drawing Model: #1 Conventional Bar Model | #2 Stack Model | #3 Split Model

Stack model are more powerful and efficient techniques to help the children to better “see” numerical relationships which is otherwise difficult with conventional bar model.

Join me on Facebook live this 17 Oct (Tues)@8:00PM. I will cover the highly-efficient “STACK MODEL” techniques to effectively analyse and solve challenging maths problems fast!

This lesson is suitable for P3 & P4 students preparing for the coming SA2.

Kevin Huang

Curriculum Specialist

[Presentation notes] – Uploaded

[Solutions to additional questions] – Uploaded for Q1 to Q3. Q4 will be presented in video format.