Facebook Live Coaching 2018#2 – Unit Transfer Method, Difference Unchanged Quantities

Thank You for joining my Facebook live (on single unchanged) last Wednesday. Happy by the overwhelming response with comments that the teaching is beneficial to your child.

There are four basic “Before & After” scenario type problem sums, and the key to solving the problem is to determine which scenario type is being used in the question.

The typical way to solve such problem sums is to draw models. However, many “non-visual” child find it challenging to do. And especially when the “numbers” used in the question is “non-friendly” with multiple steps involved!

In this coming 2nd Facebook live lesson, I will be covering on how to apply the Unit Transfer Method to solve “Difference Unchanged” scenario type of problems effortlessly! Such concept is always used to test those confusing “age” type of problems.

Join me on Facebook live on 31 Jan (Wed)@8:00PM to 8:45PM !

Looking forward to see you all!

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