Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #4 – Unit Transfer Method, All Changing Quantities

Good day to everyone!

Parents, when you encounter a challenging primary Maths problem, what immediately comes to mind? You start to form x-y equations, don’t you? Then you apply the substitution method to solve x and y, right?

If any component of the above actions is missed out, you may end up confusing your child.

Scenario 1: parents often unwittingly teach their children how to solve equations, but forget to focus on how to form algebraic equations.

Scenario 2: parents teach your child how to solve equation (substitution, or the typical (+) bring across become (-) vice versa). No doubt, your child can memorise the procedures but do you realise that your child will always forget after sometime. Moreever, the BODMAS rule nor the multiplication off negative numbers are not taught in primary school……. therefore “forcing” the child to memorise the procedures often end up confusing them even more.

Parents need to be aware that the use of equations, while acceptable, is not advocated in the Primary syllabus. Prior to learning of formal equation, primary students relies on model drawing as one of the heuristics to solve word problem.

In this Wed Facebook Live@8PM, I will demystify solve algebraic equation visually using model drawing, which will “bypass” all the BODMAS rule, to laterally “see” the solution with model drawing.

The integration of model method with Unit Transfer Method has enable many primary students without access to the formal algebra as a means to represent and solve algebraic word problems, especially “Before & After” – all changing scenarios!! These questions are typically 3-4 marks questions tested across P4-P6.

Notes – Uploaded