Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #13 – Guess & Check

[GUESS & CHECK” strategy for P4 to P6…]

“Guess and Check” is one of the 11 heuristics advocated by MOE in primary syllabus. Students use this strategy to solve maths problems by ‘guessing” the answer followed by checking that the “guess’ fit the conditions of the problem.

Many have this misconceptions that this method is simply a waste of time and should be avoided at all means unless they have no other alternatives! This is because many students does not have a systematic approach and are randomly pulling out answers out of their head.

In this coming Facebook LIVE on Wed (18 Apr)@8PM, I will discuss in-depth of this strategy and you’ll learn …

✅ Identify the type of questions that can be solved by guess & check

✅ Advanced technique for solving Guess & Check within 3 attempts

✅ Guess & Check as a safety net in worst case scenario when no immediate strategy is obvious.

✅ Why many students may not want to use any other strategy after mastering this technique!

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