Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #14 – SA1 Revision

[Prepare Your Child For The Upcoming SA1 Math Paper…]

The Primary School Maths syllabus has evolved over the years. One particular change that stands out is this – the increasing emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving ability to deal with Maths problems in unfamiliar contexts (i.e. problems they may not have seen before).

This is a far cry from our generation, when students could easily ace their exams just by rote learning (i.e. memorising based on repetition).

This means that the “Practice makes Perfect” mantra is no longer applicable to your child, and thus the old-school method of practising tons of assessment books and worksheets simply doesn’t work anymore!

And as if there isn’t already enough on your child’s plate…he or she also has to solve each question within a general timeframe of only 5 minutes!

Join our curriculum specialist Kevin on Facebook Live this Wed (25/4) @ 8PM ….. And equip your child the MUST KNOW problem-solving techniques to solve a wide range of questions across the topics of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages & ratios…fast!

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