Facebook Live #15 – SA1 Revision (II) – Models

[Quick and Effective Revision On The Essential MODEL DRAWING Techniques for SA1….. Suitable for P4-6]

The ability to visualise a problem goes a long way to solving it. The Model Approach to Problem-solving was borne out of this fact – Use drawings (models) in visualising a problem.

It is not uncommon – when we hear of parents (some even mathematics majors) complaining their children simply cannot use the Model Approach” to solve challenging primary Maths problems.

Many of them did not learn the model method during their school days, find themselves unable to coach their children. Most parents just rely on assessment books and do not have a systematic approach to teach their child on the use of model method effectively to solve word problems.

In this coming Facebook LIVE, you’ll learn …

 Common challenges students face when drawing model
 Identify the type of questions that can be solved by Model Drawing
 Solve challenging problems fast with highly-efficient model techniques…
 Model drawing as a “safety net” in the worst case scenario when all strategies fails.

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