Facebook Live Coaching #17 – Patterns

[Cracking the Code to Pattern questions for P5&6]

“Looking for Pattern” is an important problem-solving skill & one of the 11 heuristics advocated by MOE for primary maths problem-solving.

As you probably know, such pattern questions is the No.1 killer topic that has claimed many victims over the years, maybe even your child…if he or she does not develop the pattern recognisation skill to ace this critical part of the exam.

But it’s not their fault……That’s because the key to solving ‘Pattern” problems is NOT the endless practice that your child is most likely used to.

Instead, it is the ability of the child to see the behaviour of “Shape or Number” sequences that repeat according to a rule. The rule is a set way to calculate or solve a problem.

In this coming Facebook Live on Wed@8PM, I will be sharing the essential techniques to develop your child pattern recognisation skill and solve “Shape” pattern sequences with full confidence and full marks!