Facebook Live Coaching 2018 #18 – Spatial Visualisation

Dear members,

The SA1 is finally over…. we had received SOS from many P6 parents seeking help on Area & Perimeter problems(especially those involving complex composite shapes with CIRCLE!)

We probably already know by now that brute force drilling does not work at all for this topic, especially all the shapes given in the questions are different and specifically tests the child’s ability to “manipulate” the given shapes to solve problems.

The Spatial Visualisation Technique was thus developed to equip your child with this very ability, enabling your child to clinch all the marks for Area & Perimeter questions in the exam!

In this coming Facebook Live sharing on 23 May, Wed@8PM, I will be introducing on the essential aspects of Area & Perimeter (i.e. rearranging parts of both circles and non-circles, as well as drawing lines)…equipping your child with a solid foundation of the Spatial Visualisation Technique!

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