Facebook Live Coaching #19 – Heuristics Approach to Problem Solving

Dear members,

[How can my child identify which heuristics to select when solving challenging problem sums?]
Your child’s latest B or C grade for SA1 Maths points to one fact – that is, he or she is NOT ready at all for PSLE!

However, with just 4 months left to this major academic milestone, your child can’t afford to waste time and effort to go through the entire syllabus from scratch once more.

Hence, what he or she needs is a tested and proven “shortcut” method to attain maximum results with the least amount of time and effort possible.

Join me on Facebook Live this coming 30 May, Wed@8pm… will be sharing how heuristics will potentially save your child from loads of unnecessary and ineffective studying, without compromising on good Maths result!

Here’s EXACTLY what I will be covering…

 What are the 11 heuristics advocated by MOE?
 What you can do if your child is not adaptive to Model drawing?
 How to identify the most effective methods when solving challenging problem sums?
 Why teaching your child the “shortest” & “fastest” method will in fact do more harm than good…
 Using carefully selected examples to illustrate the “pros” and “cons” of the various heuristics
 How to apply heuristics in non-routine, HIGHER ORDER THINKING questions which often used to differentiate A and A*!

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