Facebook Live Coaching #20 – Units & Parts

[Should You Teach Equation To Your Child In Primary School?]

The current primary school Mathematics syllabus – different from what today’s parents were raised on – left many stumped. Heuristics has been directly incorporated into the primary syllabus and many parents are not specifically trained in Heuristics.

Consequently, many parents depend on tuition agencies, tutors or jump online and seek help for particular Maths problems via forums and social media. Not realizing that most were also raised on the same Mathematics syllabus as themselves, that is sans Mathematical Heuristics.

No doubt, you will receive many responses, with some claiming their method to be the fastest or shortest for solving that particular… not surprising many solutions are algebraic in nature!

Although equation it is a heuristics technique, this topic has never been, and is still not, taught at primary level. Yet, primary-level Mathematics Papers these days include questions from the topic. Parents, being familiar with the topic, will attempt to teach their children to solve these question using equations with “elimination & substitution method”.

However, the distributive law and order of mathematical operation (BODMAS) that involves multiplication of negative numbers is not explicitly taught in primary school. Teaching the child without conceptual understanding of such operation and equation will often confuse their children even more ….

Join us in this coming Facebook Live @ 8PM (Wed) for a discussion as well as we will be sharing the “Unit and Part” strategy to solving challenging questions Maths problems without formal knowledge of equation and complicated multiplication of negative numbers.

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