Facebook Live Coaching #22 – Rate

Thank you for your overwhelming response to my last Facebook live last week on the topic of Speed. Similar to speed, “Rate” is another topic that stump many children & parents alike!

The concepts on Rate and Speed are similar …

Speed refer to how fast an object moves.

Rate refer to fast an object changes.

The three common “rate” questions that appear in the exam:

(i) Working rate [how fast a person take to complete a job]

(ii) Water rate [how fast water flows in and out from a tank/tap]

(iii) Printing rate [how fast a printer print]

In this coming facebook live on 27 June (Wed)@8PM, I will be discussing the application of the Unit Transfer Method on the various Rate scenarios problems and how to make use of the principle of the UTM to solve COMPLEX rate problems with speed and accuracy.