Facebook Live Coaching #23 – Higher Order Thinking Skills

The Maths syllabus today is geared towards students solving challenging unfamiliar Maths problems. Which means that your child would have to tackle problem sums he or she has never seen before!

The key to breakthrough your child’s Maths grade is not only on the mastery of the essential technique but also develop the child’s ability to “tweak” these techniques to tackle unfamiliar question (involves the same concept).

Take for an instance below:
Helen had 0.5 as many sweets as Tam. After Helen gave 28 sweets to Tam, Tam had 4 times as many sweets as Helen. How many sweets did both children have altogether?

A child who is trained in units method can immediately identify the above as Total Unchanged scenarios and solve it effortlessly!

But truth to be told, this question type is considered EASY in the exam! So what your child is more likely to tackle in the Maths exam (similar question begin paraphrase as follows):
[Source: (Raffles Girls’ Pri/P6 SA1/Q48)]
Sheena, Mei Lin and Azman were playing a card game together. They had a total of 66 cards. When Sheena lost some cards to Mei Lin, Mei Lin’s cards increased by 24%. Then Azman won some of Mei Lin’s cards and Azman’s cards increased by 60%. Finally, Azman lost some cards to Sheena and Sheena’s cards increased by 10%. Each of them had an equal number of cards at last. Find the ratio of cards Sheena had to that of Mei Lin’s to that of Azman’s at first.
At one glance, this question does not seem to resemble the above. However, if your child is able to restate this problem, he or she will soon realize this is exactly “duplicate” of the first question and can be solve using same Total Unchanged concept effortlessly….

That is to say your child had breakthrough to “Higher level thinking skills” and able to apply the the concept, no matter how it is being paraphrase!

Join us in this coming Facebook Live on Wed, 4 July@8PM, and discover how you can help your child to “transit” to higher order thinking skill level and breakthrough in his or her Maths grade!

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