Facebook Live Coaching #30 – Tricky Math Questions

Primary School Math is moving towards real life situations and application based questions. Our children needs to think critically before attempting questions. There has been increasing trend that in question that wasn’t difficult — but not easy to solve either.

Remember the 2017 PSLE Ribbon Question? It caused quite a controversy among parents, hitting the media headlines and triggered much discussion across forums.

These questions aims to assess candidates’ ability to show their understanding and application of mathematical concepts in a given context.

Future PSLE students should take note to be extra careful of such deceptively simple questions, and rer-ead problem sums to ensure that they apply the correct concepts.

Join us on Facebook Live on Wed@8PM… we’ll learn:
 Developing the critical mindset and handle these “tricky” application based questions that challenge our children’s abilities.
 Why blindly following key words to apply a certain methodology is becoming less useful.
 Why it is more important to think through each question with a critical mind.
 When to round numbers up or down, depending on the situation.

Notes – Uploaded