Facebook Live Coaching #32 – Age Difference


Age problems have often been the “killer” question for students across the level, even among those who are considered above-average in school math. And often instilled anxiety among many parents, who find themselves helpless or clueless in guiding their students and children to solve these non-routine questions.

Traditionally, these age problems used to be set in secondary level and started to appear in a few math books meant for lower primary, then slowly infiltrating in school Section B or C Maths exam papers.

Many of these age problems, especially when set in secondary, and which traditionally use an algebraic approach to solving them, can now be posed in primary level, thanks to heuristics problem solving strategies.

Join me on this coming Facebook Live on 19/9 (Wed) @ 8PM and learn the effective heuristics techniques to solve “Age Problems” without explicitly the use of algebra which is not recommended in the primary syllabus!

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