Facebook Live Coaching #34 – Revision for P4 & P5 – Spatial Visualisation

[P4 & P5 Revision: Spatial Visualisation & Measurement To Solve Problems]

Your child maybe able to solve most word problems, but when comes to complex Area & Perimeter questions, he or she is stumped and cannot “see”.  Yet despite drilling with past year exam papers on this topic, he or she is unable to tackle such questions when appear in the exam.

Sound familiar…..

The main reason is because solving such (Visual) topic requires student’s ability to use the mind’s “eyes” to  “manipulate” these shapes (Spatial Visualisation). Especially when every question (composite shapes) is different, brute force drilling of such questions will certainly not work.  

Join us on Facebook Live this 3 Oct (Wed) | 8PM to fnd out how Spatial Visualisation Technique will save your child from loads of unnecessary and ineffective “drilling”….and help your child solve ANY challenging Area & Perimeter questions with speed and accuracy!

Notes – Uploaded