Facebook Live Coaching 2019 #1 – Model Vs Unit Method

Happy new year to all parents. I will be resuming the Facebook live teaching every wed @ 8pm. The first lesson will be tomorrow.

Model Drawing and Unit Transfer Method are the two common heuristics used for solving primary maths problems.

I am sure many parents will be wondering..

 Should my child learn the Model Drawing or Unit Transfer Method or both?

 Which will be the fastest or shortest method?

 At which level (P4, P5 or P6) should my child start learning Unit Transfer Method?

 Is Unit Transfer Method taught in school?

 Will my child get marks deducted in the exam if teacher does not understand Unit Transfer Method?

….. more

Join me on Facebook live on 9 Jan (Wed)@8PM and have all your queries answered.

I will be using carefully chosen illustrated examples & find out how you can help your child master these heuristics method effectively and efficiently!

Livestream Link