Facebook Live Coaching 2019 #8 – Branching

Thank you for your participation in my last week FB live on the discussion between the Model drawing and Branching method.

The “Branching method” is another presentation to the model drawing. It is very effective strategy to tackle questions with given information about “what is remaining” after doing some task.

The branching method does not require the child to draw model with the tedious sub-division of units. However, there is a risk of insisting the child to use this strategy without proper conceptual understanding. The child may end up being confused and either randomly plugging numbers!

Join us on Facebook Live this coming 6 Mar, Wed at 8PM to learn…..

✅ How to recognise the type of questions that can be solved effectively by branching method

✅ “Branching” as an alternative to solve questions that are challenging to solve by model drawing … especially questions with “unfriendly” numbers and involving multiple steps