Facebook Live Coaching 2019#28 – Volume of Solids

For Primary school Math, volume of solid is one of the most misunderstood topics.

Take for example the question:

Identical boxes measuring 12cm by 8cm by 10cm are put into a rectangular container measuring 54cm by 24cm by 45cm. What is the maximum number of boxes that can be put into the container if the boxes can only be arranged in one particular orientation?

If your child’s answer is 50, congratulations!!

Common answers from most children will be 45, 48 or even 60!

Join us on Facebook Live this coming 28 Aug Wed@8PM… we’ll learn:
✔ Developing the critical mindset to handle “tricky” volume questions that challenge the children’s abilities.
✔ Why blindly following a certain methodology is becoming less useful in volume.
✔ Why it is more important to think through each question with a critical mind.
✔ When to round numbers up or down, depending on the situation.