Facebook Live Coaching 2019#31 – SA2 Mini-Revision Heuristics course (P4-5) (Part 1)

With only less than 2 months to SA2, your child certainly cannot afford to waste any more time and effort to go through the entire syllabus from scratch once more.

What he or she needs is a tested and proven problem-solving technique, in order to attain MAXIMUM results with the MINIMUM amount of time and effort possible!

We will be conducting a special SA2 mini-revision Heuristics course for Pri 4 to P5. The course will focus on the various MUST KNOW Heuristics spanning across the topics of whole number, decimal, ratio, percentage, fraction, Area & Perimeter, volume and rate.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Lesson 1: Unit Transfer Method (I)
Lesson 2: Unit Transfer Method (II)
Lesson 3: Branching Method
Lesson 4: Spatial Visualisation (I)
Lesson 5: Spatial Visualisation (II)
Lesson 6: Rate

This Facebook live lesson will be conducted every Weds @ 8PM, and the first lesson will be on 18 Sept. Looking forward to see everyone there!

Simply click [https://goo.gl/bkuh8x] to receive Messenger notification for teaching handouts and reminder for upcoming session.